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12-Volt Clitoral Serum
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12-Volt Clitoral Serum

JO 12-Volt electrifies every intimate moment. Just apply a couple drops and this oil-based clitoral stimulant builds in intensity from a tingle to a thrilling, buzzing sensation. The light serum enhances every touch, so it's great for solo or couple's play. Our formula is free of preservatives and does not contain L-Arginine.
Key Features
  • 0.34 Fluid Ounces
  • Builds In Intensity
  • Lasts Up To 45 Minutes
  • Enhances Every Touch
  • Great for Solo or Couples Play
  • Do Not Use with Latex or Polyisoprene Condoms
  • Preservative-, Paraben-, Glycerin-, and Propylene Glycol-Free
  • Does Not Contain L-Arginine
  • Made in the USA  
  • FDA Licensed/ISO Certified 
  • 100% Pleasure Guarantee  

Frequently Asked Questions

JO Sweet Berry Heat, Mint Chip Chill, Oral Delight Arousal Gels, and Nipple Titillator Arousal Gels are lickable and kissable flavored JO stimulants that are safe to ingest. JO Prolongers, Warming & Cooling lubricants, and clitoral stimulants are not intended to be ingested.

JO Spicy Clitoral Stimulant or Chill Clitoral Stimulant are regular strength stimulants with warming or cooling tingle. For a more intense sensation, JO Atomic and Arctic provide maximum strength warming or cooling. Our best-selling 12-Volt Clitoral Stimulant provides a buzzing and pulsing sensation without the warming or cooling sensation. JO Warm & Buzzy is our strongest clitoral stimulant, and we wouldn’t recommend trying this product if it’s your first time using a clitoral stimulant.